Shopify Plus vs Magento: What You Will Get Only in Shopify Plus

Shopify and Magento

When do you need Shopify Plus? Why everyone should consider upgrading to Shopify Plus? How does Shopify Plus and Magento differentiate? Get the answers here!


Ready to break barriers with advanced ecommerce solutions? Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are two of the most popular choices when it comes to ecommerce platforms suitable for larger businesses, enterprises, and serious business owners.

If you are a high volume seller and you run a significant business it is time to consider using one of these platforms.

Magento will offer you all the necessary things to run an online store. It has a classical design so you can’t expect some modern or unique features from it. Shopify is the main alternative to Magento. It is an excellent ecommerce solution tested by millions and millions of brands, businesses, and merchants. It is simple and easy to use platform, mobile-responsive, and has a big App Store with lots of applications and extensions.

Shopify Plus can make your business life easier and we cannot argue about that. Shopify Plus can solve some major issues in your everyday working including scalability and reliability issues, expensive costs, channel restrictions, design restrictions, poor support, and etc. Not only can ecommerce solution Shopify handle these major issues, but it can also provide you with some exclusive features that your business might need sooner or later.

With Shopify Plus, you will get checkout customization, enterprise roadmap, cart scripting, checkout customization, high-performing APIs, and Avalara tax integration.

Shopify can offer you a lot of tools. We asked the experts to reveal their favorite Shopify Plus features and some of the most popular ones are Shopify Flow, Launchpad, and Increased control over website functionality and design. Shopify Flow offers a toolset that allows businesses to automate manual work, for example, tailoring emails, customizing customer support, and etc. Launchpad allows you to automate switching between the Shopify templates for a specific period of time. And finally, with Shopify Plus, you can customize the checkout process, according to your needs and preferences.

Shopify as an ecommerce platform is constantly innovating and this is a huge advantage. They invest in, encourage, and motivate its partners, and we must say, it is paying off using such a modern solution. If you compare Shopify and Magento by yourself, you will agree with us that Shopify Plus is commanding against Magento.

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